Silicon Beach: Art Basel Gets Buzzing on Twitter

Art Log Live is a social site, bringing Art Basel to you one tweet at time.
Art Basel has swooped in along with those denizens of the art world, and there's a nifty way to keep up with it all in real time at Art Log Live (@artlog).  The site, which officially launches today, offers a hashtag for every major Art Basel fair, as well as pop-up windows with dates, locations and descriptions.  There's also a Google map pinpointing events.

The main hashtag is #artbasel, which appears in a search window.  Follow it and you can be in two places at once, at least virtually.  Hopefully people will tweet insider dirt from the ultra exclusive parties for the benefit of the riff-raff who can't afford paintings or cover charges.

Folks who don't Twitter can contribute to the buzz by sending text messages to 41411.

Though not a work of art, a hashtag is a thing of social media beauty.  Being able to follow conversations about Art Basel on Twitter could lead to some networking among art lovers who haven't yet met in real life.  If you're an armchair art enthusiast, you'll know, at the very least, who's saying what about Art Basel without actually having to schlep anywhere.And you might even make a decision about attending an event based on Twitter.
Nothing covers an event like real time dish from Twitter from folks who are not on assignment.
As of Wednesday, people were already tweeting photos of artwork and yapping about celebrity sightings -- Val Kilmer and Sofia Vergara, to name a few.

There were also some complaints about photography not being allowed at the vernissage; here's one from Miami event guru @soulofmiami:   "So. No photos for Art Basel Vernissage. #artbasel #fail. No cameras allowed. Weird way to do press preview."

Harlan Erskine (
@harlanerskine), a Brooklyn-based photographer wasn't too happy about a different matter: "Hey Art Basel, leaving your VIP Audis idling while they wait for their VIPs is not very Green! #GreenFail #artbasel." 

But for the most part, the tweets so far have been informative.  Surely the number of tweets is going to increase dramatically in the next few days. Who knows? #artbasel may even become a trending topic on Twitter.

Long past this week when the art snobs are gone, the #artbasel hashtag may be just one of the best things they leave behind.

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