Tonight: Life's a Drag at Voodoo Lounge

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Natalie O'Neill
Daisy Deadpetals, who is a drag queen, gets ready backstage.
Gender Bender doesn't usually preview nightlife events, but the drag show at Voodoo Lounge is worth checking out. We've seen similar acts in Boston, San Francisco, and Miami but this one -- based in Fort Lauderdale -- had the best mix of comedy, dancing, and music. Plus it's a diverse gay/straight crowd and host Daisy Deadpetals will likely pull a plastic baby from her faux-uterus, poke fun at lesbian out-of-towners, and just generally make the audience crack up.

We shot a few photos backstage this past Sunday as the pow wow of half-naked queens, readied themselves -- applying eye shadow, taping body parts -- at the packed venue. (More images after the jump.)

It's every Sunday night at 111 Southwest Second Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. No cover before 11. Call 954-522-0733.

Natalie O'Neill
In the blue, TP Lords sang Lady Gaga.
Natalie O'Neill
Five minutes till the show starts.
Natalie O'Neill
Natalie O'Neill
Natalie O'Neill
I am the significantly less glamorous one with the camera.

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