Cesar Carasa Loves His Women Dominican Like His Coffee

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Cesar Carasa defense is that he was never told that he had to pay for all his calls to women he met in the Dominican Republic
For a story in this week's Miami New Times, I dialed up a few of the ladies suspended West Miami Mayor Cesar Carasa befriended during his sojourns to the Dominican Republic.

This past November 30, Carasa was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of exploiting his public position.

The unemployed real estate broker racked up more than $70,000 in unauthorized charges on his city-issued cellphone.

I've uploaded a copy of his July 2008 phone bill so readers can get a good read on how often and how much Carasa's phone chat line to the DR cost taxpayers of West Miami. You can also check out his August 2008 bill here and his September 2008 bill here.

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