Chad Ochocinco Adds Another Notch in His Career Belt: Media Day Hack

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Photo by Tim Elfrink
Is that Ron Burgandy? Nope. Ochocinco reports live from Sun Life Stadium.
Chad Ochocinco hasn't yet accecpted New Times' informal offer to write a 10,000-word odyssey/cover story about wearing Snuggies at McDonald's and living a double life as Esteban the Most Interesting Footballer in the World.

But we'll consider his effort this afternoon at Sun Life Stadium a trial run.

With a massive uniformed technical crew from OCNN -- the Ocho Cinco News Network -- in tow, number 85 moonlighted as a hard-hitting TV reporter. And damned if he didn't do a pretty creditable job, at least by the extremely loose standards of Super Bowl Media Day.

Ochocinco dodged bouncers, yelled questions with the hordes of other hacks, and got ignored by Peyton Manning for a solid 45 minutes straight. Welcome to the biz, Ochocinco!

Click through for more photos of the Most Interesting Footballer in the World at work. And check back tomorrow morning for a full slide show of the lowlights from Media Day.

Thumbnail image for occnshirt.JPG
Photo by Tim Elfrink
"OCNN" had the biggest crew in town this afternoon. We counted at least 20 dudes rocking these shirts.
Thumbnail image for chadbouncer2.JPG
Photo by Tim Elfrink
Ochocinco had to fight the hired "muscle" just like everyone else to get near Peyton Manning.
Thumbnail image for chadbouncer1.JPG
Photo by Tim Elfrink
This guy was not in awe of the Esteban.
Photo by Tim Elfrink
Ochocinco got in one question to Peyton, then was ignored and outshouted for 45 solid minutes. Welcome to the sports reporting biz, Chad.
Photo by Tim Elfrink
Ochocinco, on the scene.

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