Charlie Crist Sends Marco Rubio a Box of Bittersweet Chocolates for Valentine's Day

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Love is in the Republican Senate primary air! ​Marco Rubio thoughtfully celebrated Charlie Crist's one-year man-hug anniversary with Barack Obama. Now Crist has responded by getting a box of chocolates for Rubio. 

The chocolates include FIU fudge (with a pork-filled center and sweetheart job sprinkles), licorice lobbyist, and toffee tax increases. 

Because this is an actual democracy we live in, Rubio's staff responded to each and every chocolate accusation in an email entitled "Charlie Crist and the Desperation Factor."

Rubio replies he's always hated the taste of "coconut carbon tax," even though that might not be true. He doesn't address the fact he was offered a nonadvertised $69,000-a-year job with FIU. 

You can read the full box of chocolates, and the retort, here.

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