Rubio and Crist Might Face Off in Fox News Debate Next Month

Categories: Politicks
Most Senate primary debates are lucky to get aired on local channels, but the race for the GOP nomination for Florida's Senate seat is so hot it might end up broadcast nationally on Fox News.

According to the Chicago Tribune's Swamp Politics, Marco Rubio has already agreed to the arrangement. Gov. Charlie Crist apparently hasn't yet accepted the invitation.

The face-off would go down March 28 in either Florida or Washington, D.C., and would be hosted by Chris Wallace and aired on Fox News Sunday.

The plan highlights how much attention the race is getting outside Florida, mostly among conservatives who already watch Fox News. Rubio is seen as the antiestablishment Tea Party hero and "real" conservative. Crist is cast as the populist moderate, even as he tries to bolster his own conservative credentials.

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