$1.5 Million Dress to Be Shown at Miami International Fashion Week

So, one fashion week in town just ended, but another will begin this Thursday when Miami International Fashion Week kicks off. Yeah, it's confusing, but this one has a $1.5 million dress. Uh, does that mean the recession is over?

Beirut-based designer Jad Ghandour and Danesha Luxury will present the creation, which apparently will have diamonds and 18-karat gold worked into the design.

"Our aim wasn't to just throw diamonds and gold together and call it a 'diamond gown,'" Ghandour's design team told Stylist. "We wanted to create a masterpiece -- a gown that would highlight the finest materials without looking overwrought and costume-y."

The dress will be unveiled at 9:30 p.m. this Saturday during Miami International Fashion Week, which will take place in Wynwood. We assume a crack security team has been lined up.

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