Does Obama Want to Ban Fishing?

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Is President Obama planning on taking away your right to fish? The short answer is no, but that hasn't stopped a bunch of right wing bloggers from causing a fuss over it.

ESPN Outdoors columnist Robert Montgomery wrote a slightly misleading piece about an obscure committee suggestion regarding marine wildlife management. Somehow this got taken out of hand, and misinformed people think that President Obama is seriously planning to ban fishing.

One of these people is Doug Giles, the local pastor, wing-nut columnist and father of ACORN "hooker" Hannah Giles.

Here he is bloviating on Andrew Brietbart's Big Journalism:
That's why when I hear crap that Obama and his "progressive" ilk want to ban fishing, it gets me ... uh ... how shall I put this ... um... angry. Yeah, that's a good word. Not only are they upending this nation on many different economical fronts but now they're talking about the recreationally and economically disastrous move of banning fishing? What's next? Are they going to ban apple pie? Blonde-haired girls? Chevrolet? No, they own Chevy now. What about baseball?
Here is the thing. President Obama and his "progressive" ilk does not want to ban fishing. So cool down, Dougie.

Montgomery write about bash fishing by trade. Not the insides of politics. Even still he didn't provide any evidence that Obama actually wants to ban fishing.

What the task force actually suggests is better management of human use of coastal areas, oceans, lakes and rivers. Basically, the task force is looking at ways to make sure that human use of our waters is better managed so we can continue to do things, like fish, for years to come.

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