Fans of Elderly Beefcake Rejoice: Carpet King Don Bailey Re-Creates His Infamous Nude Recline

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Last October, Riptide reported that the famous Don Bailey Carpets I-95 billboard, which features the business owner and namesake in a nude recline, had been augmented by a graffiti artist with a penchant for large schnozzes, and we recounted the Burt Reynolds-centerfold-inspired backstory behind the bizarre landmark.

Our favorite local radio show, NPR's Under the Sun, explained the same to its listeners this week and took their piece one slightly creepy step further, having the 76-year-old* carpet mogul strip down to a purple Speedo and strike the same pose 38 years later. Click through for the photo, which is safe for work, although you probably don't want to get caught staring at it too long. Click on it for the IMAX version.

*In order to find out Bailey's age, we gave him a call. He told us: "My underwear's 50 years old, but I'm 76." True story.

Sammy Mack/ NPR's Under the Sun

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