Florida Memorial University: Yes, We're Looking for a President, So Shut Up, Riptide!

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From MrLomo's Flickr
A graffiti artist's interpretation of FMU's latest press release.
Earlier this month, we pointed out we hadn't heard a peep from crime-ridden Florida Memorial University since it announced a national search for a new president last December. A few days after that blog post was published, the university sent us a press release claiming it was speeding up the selection process:
Eighty applicants vying for the position of president at Florida Memorial University might learn of their standing in the national search sooner than expected. "The Presidential Search Committee plans to narrow down the list of candidates within the next thirty days," confirmed local attorney JoLinda Herring, Esq., chair of the Search Committee and member of the Florida Memorial University Board of Trustees.
Why do we suddenly have Carly Simon stuck in our head? You're so vain. I bet you think this press release is about you, don't you...

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