Interview with Jersey Shore's Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino

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America's most famous abs are headed to Miami.
Last fall, MTV's reality show Jersey Shore was a surprise smash hit. Despite its being criticized for negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans, astonishing numbers of viewers tuned in to see the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes frolic in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the show was Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino, whose nickname refers to his six-pack abs. This month, Jersey Shore begins taping the second season of show in South Beach. Think of it as a long spring break with puffy hair and fake tans.

Gearing up for the South Beach experience is the Situation, who hosted a party at LIV last night. Although it was a Monday, the ladies were swarming the Fontainebleau's legendary lobby, hoping to catch a glimpse of the buff reality-TV star. Before the festivities began, New Times sat down with the hunky gym bunny at Gotham Steak and found his cockiness to be charming in the same way we are addicted to P.F. Chang's but will never admit it. As for Sorrentino's constant habit of referencing himself in the third person, that got old quickly. Nevertheless, the next few months should be entertaining when the Situation and his cast mates try to conquer Miami's social scene.

New Times: What do you enjoy about hosting these nightclub parties?

Mike Sorrentino: I take pride in anything I do, whether it's film, interviews, or appearances. Wherever I go, the venue is sold-out. There are people waiting for me at airports. When I show up for these events, I give the fans exactly what they want. I take every single picture; I shake every single hand; I kiss every single cheek. I feel it's my job to live up to all of these expectations. All of the people who say my 15 minutes of fame are over -- I love it when I hear that. It's never over until I say it's over.

What are you most looking forward to about filming Jersey Shore in Miami?

I'm not positive that it's in Miami.

They've actually announced it. It's safe to talk about it.

Everyone knows that Miami has beautiful people, beautiful clubs, and beautiful weather. I'm looking forward to taking part in that particular situation.

What should the girls of Miami know about the Situation?

They need to know that I'm a cool, nice guy. I'm fun. I'm good-looking. I've got a lot going on for me right now. I'm flattered that things are going so unbelievably well.

Will you forego the tanning salon with Miami's sunny weather?

Yes. The only reason I go to the tanning salon is just to get a healthy glow. In the Northeast, it's cold and rainy. I make sure I keep up with my GTL [gym, tanning, laundry]. Here I'll be enjoying the Miami weather and everything this city has to offer. I'm just so excited.

Are you worried the humidity is going to affect your hair?

No. The gel that I use probably wouldn't be affected by a hurricane.

How has fame changed you and your cast mates?

Fame definitely hasn't changed me. As for my cast mates, I can't really speak about that. I'm not one to point the finger or even speak about my cast mates. I speak about the Situation. I speak about myself. The only thing that has changed about me is that everyone in the United States knows my name. They probably know my face. Right now, Jersey Shore is going international. Soon enough, everyone in the world is going to know my name. And that's a pretty good situation.

What type of drama can we expect from season two?

I made sure season one was a hit. For season two, we are going to be one of the greatest reality shows in history. And the Situation will be the greatest reality star in history. I'm going to move on to bigger and better things.

Now that you've seen how you were portrayed on television, is there anything you are going to do differently when filming resumés?

No, not at all. I believe I was portrayed as a humorous, good-looking ladies' man. I pretty much ran the house and did what I wanted. Once the show was over, we saw who was on the covers of all of the magazines. Obviously, I performed pretty well.

How does it feel having the most famous abs in America?

I work pretty hard on my abs. Everybody knows that it's not easy to have a six-pack. I'm proud to have one of the most famous six-packs in America. For season two, they are going to be even better.

In Miami, there are a lot of guys with great abs too.

I'm not a hater. If there's a guy out there that's ripped, I will definitely compliment him. But I know that The Situation has one of the best six-pack abs in America right now. I'm confident in myself.

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