Is Bravo Making Another Go at Miami Social?

Categories: Reality Bites
Our favorite reality show that we loved to hate, Miami Social, didn't do so well in the ratings. So it seemed it wouldn't get a second season.

But industry bible the the Hollywood Reporter says Bravo is adding a fifth franchise to the Real Housewives series. No, not in Miami, but in Beverly Hills. But it does mention execs have greenlighted a series called Miami Social Club, described as a "docu-series about Miami's social elite."

THR says it's a new show, but besides the word club added at the end, it sounds exactly like the old one.

Update: Apparently, it'll be the same general idea but with a brand-new, younger cast.

We'll update the post when we learn more. In the meantime: Honestly, Bravo, as long as you're renewing/reworking lowly rated guilty pleasures, can we please get a second season of NYC Prep?

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