Miami Ranks 53rd for Young People Looking to Make That Money

Miami's job market don't care about the young folks.
If you're a strapping young lad or lass fresh out of college and looking to plant your foot on the career ladder, Miami is apparently not a good place to start. Believe me -- all I could snag out of college was writing this here blog*, and that is considered pretty damn good right now. ranked the nation's 67 top metro areas by how appealing they are to young people looking to establish themselves. Moderate living prices, strong growth rates, and percentage of the population under age 35 were taken into account.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale came in 53 out of 67. Ouch.

There has been a negative 0.5 percent job growth rate between 2004 and 2009.

Only 20.1 percent of the population is between ages 18 and 34. That's 64 out of 67. I guess we really do deserve all of those jokes about being Heaven's waiting room. To make matters worse, the current jobless rate for that group of young adults sits at 10.6 percent.

The best place for the young to move? Austin, Texas (where we really wish we were headed right now, it being SXSW and all).

*Note to my employers: That's just some of that sarcasm for which you hired me.

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