Frederica Wilson is Proud of Banning "Simulated Sexual Intercourse" in Marching Bands

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State Sen. Frederica Wilson is currently running to replace Kendrick Meek in his North Miami congressional district. Apparently she's going around telling everyone that she's banned "dirty dancing in our community." Now, last time we went out to a club, we're pretty sure that we saw lots of people dirty dancing quite freely.

The St. Pete Times' (Pulitzer-prize winning) Politifact decided to find out what exactly she means when she say's she banned dirty dancing.

Back in the mid-'90s Wilson served on the Miami-Dade School Board and says she nearly passed out when she saw a marching band member preform what she calls simulated sex on a majorette during a performance.

Politifact dug up this old quote: "I've seen horrendous behavior. I saw a band member bend over and a female majorette come from behind and simulate actual intercourse. I almost passed out, but people in the stands were applauding."

So she led the board to pass a measure banning "actual or simulated sexual intercourse (normal or deviate), masturbation, excretory functions and actual lewd exhibition of genitalia."

I'm sure the move angered plenty a pimply-faced marching band member, considering simulated sexual intercourse is probably the most play they get during high school.

Politifact concludes that dirty dancing, of course, is not banned in Miami-Dade County completely, just in schools.

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