Remember Those Awesome Maarten Baas Clocks From Design Miami? Get One on Your iPhone

Categories: Art, Silicon Beach
via Dezeen
At last year's Design Miami, we were absolutely taken with designer of the year Maarten Baas's awesome "Real Time" clock project. In one memorable installation, he had a person, stationed inside a cabinet, who manually painted in the numbers of a digital clocks as the time changed. Now you can get your own Analog Digital Clock on your iPhone for just 99 cents [iTunes Store link].

The Dutch designer announced the app at this year's Milan Design Week, and it perhaps illustrates a possible future for artists and designers working with technology. Is it possible to imagine a time when more artists sell projects such as iPhone apps directly to the public at affordable prices rather than selling one-offs for thousands of dollars to richie-rich collectors? Would you be willing to collect digital art on your iPhone like you collect MP3s?

Click through for a video of the original Analog Digital Clock, as well as a video of our favorites from Design Miami with other work by Baas.

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