Floridians Naming Their Little Boys After Porn Stars, Britney Spears Offspring

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The original Jayden
The Social Security Administration released their list of the most popular babies names in 2009 by state. The most popular boys name in Florida? Jayden.

Which is a name we usually associate with porn stars (either busty bimbos or twinky gay porn bottoms). Seriously, take off your content restrictions and put "Jayden" into Google image search and see what pops up.

Jayden is also the name of Britney Spear's first born, because, apparently she's someone whose mothering ought to be admired and copied.

On the girls side all the names seem more appropriate for proper ladies from Victorian England with names like Isabella, Chloe, Madison, Olivia and Abigail making the top ten. Click through for a full list of the top ten.

Boys' names (followed by number of births) 
1 Jayden 1,323
2 Michael 1,157
3 Joshua 1,138
4 Jacob 1,086
5 Anthony 1,080
6 Christopher 1,065
7 Ethan 1,045
8 Daniel 1,030
9 Alexander 1,006
10 Noah 954

Girls' names (followed by number of births) 
1 Isabella 1,698 
2 Sophia 1,142 
3 Emma 864 
4 Emily 822 
5 Olivia 822 
6 Madison 821 
7 Ava 774 
8 Mia 774 
9 Abigail 692 1
10 Chloe 639

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