Friends With You Trick Out Vintage Rolls Royce for N.E.R.D. Video

Categories: Art
Ever wonder what a British luxury car would look like if it moved to Miami, hung out in Wynwood, had a few mind-altering experiences, and decided to really stick it to its stuffy, monotone aristocratic parents with some seriously eye-catching body modifications?

Wonder no more. Local artists Friends With You have teamed up with Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D. to custom-paint a vintage Rolls Royce for the band's upcoming "Hot & Fun" video. Yes, it's definitely in a whole other class then that Britto Volvo and Gamson Lambo.

The paint job doesn't include any of FWY's trademark characters, but for their next trick, we'd love to see a Malfi-ed out vintage Beetle.

High Snobriety via OHWOW's Twitter]

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