Around Town: Tattoolapalooza, Banksy, USA v. Ghana, Spike Lee, and Kid Sister

Maluca plays Grand Central on Saturday.
  • Tattoo artists from all over country will descend on Miami's downtown Hyatt this weekend for the three-day Tattoolapalooza. There'll be tattoo contests, marauding evil clowns, inking seminars, gnarly bikers, and goth punk bands. If you're going to get inked, this is the place to do it.
  • Yes, it is genetically possible for there to be two funny guys born into the same family. Charlie Murphy doesn't play second fiddle to brother Eddie. He gets his own laughs on his Comedy Central special, I Will Not Apologize, on The Chapelle Show, and in his book The Making of a Stand-Up Guy. He performs at the Miami Improv all weekend long.
  • OK, so house music is kinda of annoying. But it wasn't always the relentless untz-untz pulsing out of megaclubs and South Beach bikini shops. Back in the '80s, in San Francisco's warehouse district, house was cool, and Doc Martin was the DJ driving it all. Hear him spin tonight at the Electric Pickle.

  • After that freakin ref blew our totally legit goal against Slovenia, the USA soccer team raised everyone's blood pressure again by saving their winning goal against Algeria for the final minutes. This Saturday, USA plays Ghana, so start saving up all your West African insults. Review our list of world cup bars and find a patriotic watering hole to watch it in.
  • Provocateur and filmmaker Spike Lee makes two appearances in Miami on Saturday for the American Black Film Festival. First, he teaches an art-of-filmmaking class and then he talks with CNN's Soledad O'Brien about his new documentary,
  • If you haven't checked out Grand Central yet, you'll have another excuse this Saturday night when Chi-town hipster-hopper Kid Sister and electro-meringue MC Maluca perform.
  • Our film reviewer called the Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop a "definitive portrait of street-art counterculture" and a " hilarious exposé on the gullibility of the masses who embrace manufactured creative personas." It screens at the incredibly mainstream AMC Sunset Place 24.


  • Graduate from bumper cars to go-kart racing this Sunday by watching Homestead-Miami Speedway's Rmax Challenge, where tiny vehicles, driven by fire-retardant drivers, zoom at 120 mph.

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