Dwyane Wade Is Officially Divorced

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The former couple in happier times.
Just days before Dwyane Wade become a free agent on the NBA market, he's now free on the dating market. His eight-year marriage to high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Wade is officially done. A judge granted the divorce today after a prolonged and dramatic legal battle, but that doesn't mean all the court proceedings are finished.

"I'm very relieved that the judge granted my divorce today... this has been a long process, and I hope we can all move forward," Wade told TMZ. "The most important thing to me right now is the next phase, when the judge will decide on custody of our kids. That is the big event in my life that I am focused on."

Wade, who is rumored to be dating Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union, is now a free man. However, the judge will still have to decide on the division of property as well as the increasingly ugly child custody battle. 

Wade is seeking full custody and has been temporarily granted it. Meanwhile, Siohvaughn had filed a lawsuit against Union that made serious accusations about Wade's parenting ability. Wade's attorneys lashed back, saying Siohvaughn was an unstable and unfit mother. 

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