Fisher Island Porn King Raul Quintana "Batters" Spanish TV Star Maria Celeste, Is Sued by "Pudge" Rodriguez

Miami-Dade Corrections
Raul Quintana
Raul Quintana might have a hard time blaming this stuff on a clandestine porn crew.

The Fisher Island condo owner who sued Miami-based porn production giant Bang Bros for filming a golf-themed hard-core skin flick in his pricey apartment, as New Times reported last December, is accused of brutally beating his live-in girlfriend, well-known Telemundo TV host Maria Celeste Arraras, known to her fans as simply Maria Celeste.

Around 1 a.m. on May 28, according to a police report, Quintana and Arraras returned to her $2.8 million manse on North Kendall Drive. They "got involved in an argument," and as Arraras went to call police, Quintana "grabbed [her] by the hair," "slammed her head... to the ground, striking her several times."

The "Katie Couric of Spanish Television", Maria Celeste Arraras
The police report does not name Arraras but lists her address, and the New York Daily News unearthed her frantic 911 call that night. In the call, Arraras pleads to the operator: "Please send the police to [my address] right now. Somebody is about to kill me."

"What are they doing?" asks the operator.

"Choking me," responds Arraras. "It's somebody I'm dating, that lives here. Please, could you send somebody right away?"

According to the report, Arraras had a swollen lip and "some redness on her arm," but she refused to have her photo taken by the Miami-Dade Police officers who arrived.

When Quintana was taken to jail, a corrections officer found a small bag of cocaine on his person. He was charged with battery, cocaine possession, and introduction of contraband into jail, and released on $15,000 bail.

Arraras downplayed the domestic violence on her TV show, Al Rojo Vivo, according to the Daily News, calling it an "embarassing topic" and an "isolated" incident.

As if getting arrested for the savage beating of a beloved niche-TV personality isn't enough, Quintana is also being sued by Major League catcher and former Florida Marlin Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.
According to a lawsuit recently filed in Miami-Dade Civil Court, in November 2008 Rodriguez invested $258,000 in Logos Aviation Services, the flight company owned by Quintana and two partners -- with the caveat that the money would be returned if the baseball star decided against the deal within 30 days.

Due to a "lack of financial information provided [in] a timely manner," Rodriguez opted out, according to the suit, but hasn't gotten any of his money back.

And alas, Quintana has had more bad news in the original lawsuit he filed against Bang Bros, which made him into something of an Internet celebrity. The porn outfit dug up an email in which they apparently informed him: "We produce adult content and are very respectable and fully regulated to comply with all government laws."

That put a dent in Quintana's claim he didn't know he was renting his condo for the purpose of a porno shoot. The complaint was dismissed, although he might still have a chance to file an amended version.

Quintana couldn't be reached for this story. The phone number he gave cops led to a woman who screamed at us that Raul wasn't there, and to stop calling.

Below, find the police report concerning Quintana's alleged attack on Arraras.

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