Happy Birthday, Über-Smuggler Mickey Munday!

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Of all of Miami's '80s-era cocaine cowboys, Mickey Munday is our favorite. Jon Roberts is a little too batshit-insane for our taste. Max Mermelstein adopted a false identity and died broke. Griselda Blanco scares the shit out of us and has absconded back to Colombia. And Manny Noriega, well, he's in France getting reamed by the baguette of justice. Nothing cool about that.

But Mickey Munday is free of the justice system, living (and tweeting) openly and without enemies in North Miami. Instantly recognizable with his fading curly locks and floppy cowboy hat, he can usually be found shooting the shit about his glory days, expressing neither undue pride nor sappy shame about having imported an amount of white powder roughly equal to the gross national product of Slovenia.

Mickey wouldn't tell us how old he's turning today -- only that it represents too many candles so his friends just doused his cake with Everclear and lit it on fire -- but according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he's turning 65.

He's already had his annual bash at Tobacco Road, and tonight he'll celebrate with Lil Jon -- why not? -- and others at Cameo. So what do you get the guy who has smuggled everything? How about we show this video, a commercial for local clothing company Last Rights, in which Mickey does his thing with some mysterious black bundles in the Everglades and thugs it up with some mean-looking dudes on motorcycles.

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Hey Micky it's a old friend of yours. Denise Holcomb. Your past life did scare the hell out of me. Wondering how Diane is doing. I can be reached at dharamia@cox.net. Would love to talk with you about everything. Always Denise in Virginia.


happy birthday mickey munday.the good guy of the trade

Linda Knight
Linda Knight

Happy Birthday Mickey Munday a.k.a "Cocaine Cowboy"


man,Mickey was ok, but you forgot the rest of the players Shawn crowd er Mario escondar, mell adler and of course we cannot forget certain members of the miami homicide detachment, and me ZOOM ZOOM!!! happy birthday mic!!

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