Hugo Chavez Accuses "Gringo Government" of Harboring Luis Posada Carriles

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is picking a fight with America in the most mature way: tweets complete with derogatory slang and obscenities. Such a refined statesman, that Chávez.

"The gringo government accuses us of anything and everything, but today marks five years since the extradition request of the grand terrorist Posada Carriles, to which they haven't even responded. The world is full of hypocrisy. Long live the revolution, dammit!" Chávez wrote in Spanish in two tweets sent from his BlackBerry on Tuesday.

Just scratching the surface, Posada Carriles is, by most sane definitions of the word, a terrorist. However, because his main targets were communist Cuba, he's fiercely protected as a hero by Miami's exilio. Chávez's government asked the United States to extradite the Cuban-born Venezuelan national in 2005, but America has ruled that he faces the threat of torture.

It's quite a messy affair, to say the least, and one that won't be settled anytime soon, especially when the president of one of the countries involved decides to tweet like a 12-year-old and throw around words like gringo.

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