Hugo Chavez Toilet Paper Is a Hot Seller on Calle Ocho

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Calle Ocho mainstay Sentir Cubano has long sold Fidel Castro toilet paper, but Fidel now has a new friend to hang out with while rotting away in a septic tank: Hugo Chávez. Yes, the store now sells toilet paper that features that oh-so-charming mug of Hugo. Dubbed "The XXI Century Socialism," after Chávez's central political manifesto, the TP retails for a very capitalist $8.99 a roll.

Then again, consider the irony of the fact that after Chávez's re-"election" in 2006, one of his first acts was to add a 15 percent surcharge on imported toilet paper.

According to Terra, the papel sanitario was the brainchild of Maria Vasquez, a Cuban-born businesswoman who spent time as an exile in Venezuela before landing in Miami. You can pick up your own roll here.

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towel dispenser
towel dispenser

Hugo Chavez toilet paper is really interesting. There are many toilet paper includes some design to attract people but here, it includes some specific photo design.

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