In Honor of Wade/LeBron, South Florida's Greatest Duos

The most vaunted NBA free-agency class in history ran screaming out of the school building at midnight, and the Miami Heat has some pretty crazy rumors swirling around it. Word on the street is that the team has a strong chance of re-signing Dwyane Wade and signing noted man/lion/gazelle hybrid LeBron James. We have no idea whose mouth those words are coming from, but word on the street is those words are on the street.

So now, a look at a few other duos who have reshaped Miami history. And yes, we realize superstar Chris Bosh might be in the mix too, but he's really Alfred to LeBron and Wade's Batman and Robin. Plus the list worked better with two, so lay off.

5. Crockett and Tubbs

Neon, clothes, cars, boats, and guns. The Miami Vice detectives taught the rest of America that everybody in Miami lives on a sailboat with a pet alligator named Elvis. And strangely, we were OK with the characterization.

4. John Rockefeller and Henry Flagler

With the oil fortune he made with Rockefeller, Flagler built his railroad to the undeveloped southern tip of Florida, where he simply created Miami as if he were playing Simcity, dredging a canal, building streets, setting up water and electricity grids, and even founding a newspaper. Did you know we would be living in Flagler, Florida, if he hadn't refused the honor of having the town named for him? History can be fun!

3. Sophia Petrillo and Dorothy Zbornak

Sure, the The Golden Girls was built on a foursome -- pour a little Metamucil on the ground for Blanche -- but why tune in if not for the wisecracks and acid tongues of the two most surly of the old biddies? It was a guilty pleasure watching them verbally smack the shit out of dumb ol' Rose. And Golden Girls counteracted the regional stereotypes of Miami Vice, letting the nation know we're not all flashy detectives and criminals here: We have feisty old people as well.

2. Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O'Neal

Who can forget the 2006 season when Shaq was still dominant and limber and the phenom franchise player was... phenomenal? But then Big Aristotle got injured and subsequently traded, and Wade has been gasping to keep the team afloat since. He needs a superstar sidekick: He's like one of those parrots that die if they can't find a proper match. 

1. Pablo Escobar and Manuel Noriega  

These two working together was something like if Michael Jordan in his prime could be around to team up with LeBron. Escobar handled the production side of things, Noriega did the bottomless money-laundering, Escobar did the killing, Noriega helped a bit with the killing, and before we knew it, Miami was flooded with so much cocaine that even our cat overdosed. Thanks, Classic Evil Villain and Pineapple Face!

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