Mayor Carlos Alvarez Involved in Car Accident With Pregnant Woman

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photo by Kai Mork, via Wikimedia Commons
Alvarez has been known to favor expensive BMWs like this.
You know that fancy new BMW Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez drives around town? The one that you, Miami-Dade taxpayer, helped pay for? Well, it seems it was in a bit of a fender-bender today. Alvarez was involved in a minor traffic accident in which he hit a car driven by a pregnant woman. 

The accident occurred around 10 a.m. near Coral Way and Granada Boulevard in Coral Gables. Alvarez was behind the wheel of a BMW, likely the same one you helped pay for, when he hit a car driven by a pregnant woman. 

Neither driver was seriously hurt, but paramedics were called to make sure the mother-to-be was OK. 

The mayor's Beemer had front-end damage and was towed away. The other car was deemed drivable.

Alvarez was ticketed for careless driving. 

The county has a $101,200-a-year fund set aside to pay for vehicles for county executives, including the mayor. The fund was not axed, even as recent county budgets have been slashed. Alvarez had driven a BMW 650i; $20,000 of the lease was paid by the county.

In May, a county bid was posted because Alvarez was looking into getting himself a BMW 500i Gran Turismo, which starts around $60,000. However, it's unclear which BMW was involved in the crash or whether it was one Alvarez had paid for partially through his county car allowance.

Update: NBCMiami says the car involved in the crash is a $75,000 2010 BMW 550i, paid for, in part, through the county fund. 

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