Old Spice Guy Takes to Social Media and Causes Alyssa Milano to Disrobe

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Look at your computer. Now back to me. Now back at your screen. Now at this post. Sadly, you aren't this Old Spice guy featured in the video below, but if you read this post, he might just crack you up.

Isaiah Mustafa probably looks familiar. Known mostly as "the Old Spice guy," he's taken to the web and yesterday even became a trending topic, as celebrities and everyday people joined forces on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to ask him questions he promised to answer via personalized video. More than 22,500 people have commented on the videos -- which were done in real time Wednesday and Thursday -- with 5.9 million video views. Now that's a lot of Internet usage.

He answered questions about everything from how Obama can win back female voters (the question was asked by TV journalist and former political adviser George Stephanopoulos) to how to tame Twitter "fail whales" (asked by one of the co-creators of Twitter).

Mustafa answered more than 180 questions via video and, amid all of that work, found time to flirt with Alyssa Milano.

Milano tweeted:

"Genius. Shirtless Old Spice guy replies on Twitter w/ hilarious personal videos."

The Old Spice guy then follows up with a series of videos in which he flirts with Alyssa, promising to send her flowers. He actually sends them in real life, garnering him a video reply from her in a towel.

Check out some of the funniest reply videos -- and Milano replying to the Old Spice guy in a towel.

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