Suspected Case of Dengue Fever in Miami Beach Comes Back Negative

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via Kitbag
Looks like we shouldn't be quite so worried about a third world disease roaring back into Miami-Dade yet (take that Tom Tancredo). Health officials reported yesterday that a case of Dengue Fever had popped up in a Miami Beach man, but now they say his test results have come back negative. 

The mosquito-carried disease, common elsewhere in the world, was thought to have been eradicated in Florida in the 1930's. Cases have been confirmed in the Florida Keys, but the outbreak hasn't reached Miami-Dade. Health officials put out this statement today: 

"The Miami-Dade County Health Department has received the result of the first confirmatory testing of the suspected case of locally acquired dengue infection case in the County. Test results were negative."

The disease, characterized by fever, pain and gastrointestinal problems, can only be transmitted through mosquitoes. Even though this case came back negative, it has been confirmed in the Keys, so it's probably a good idea to take precautions against getting bit by the unofficial Florida state bird.

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