Win Tickets to Rakim & Ken-Y's Social Media Party -- And Have a Laugh, On Us

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Remember when we told you about that social media scavenger hunt you'd have to go on to get tickets to a social media fiesta with booze provided by @SmirnoffMiami, music by @RkmyKeny, and everything live-tweeted by your Twitter jockey, @ManuGabaldon? Well, we have an even easier way for you to win passes... now.

We have ten pairs of tickets to give away to the August 6 event, and all you have to do is this: In the comments section, tell us a really interesting way you've used any form of social media. We're talking Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, UStream, Meetup, Eventful, Tumblr -- well, you get the point. Now here's your chance to get creative. Be sure to include your email address and name, and we'll select winners next week.

Get some ideas and check out the funniest ways we've seen people use social media:

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