Bill McCollum Supporters to Protest Rick Scott's Mexican "Porn"

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Anything related to the Republican primary for governor has long since stopped making sense. Bill McCollum supporters are now set to hold a protest outside the headquarters of a social networking website in which Rick Scott once invested. The site,, has a business relation with Playboy Mexico, which the McCollum camp is now categorizing as straight-up porn. Guess they don't read it for the articles.

Yes, it's slightly amusing that Scott, who has built a campaign on his support for Arizona's controversial immigration laws and whom some observers see as anti-Hispanic, has a history of investing some of his billions of dollars in companies that cater to Hispanics. It's even slightly more amusing that one of those companies, QuePasa, has a relationship with Playboy Mexico and -- gasp -- allows homosexual users on its interwebs when Scott is running as a conservative.

Now, there are far more damning things in Scott's business history (running a health-care company that was slapped with the biggest fines in American history for fraud, and then founding another controversial, much-sued health-care company). What has been most amusing, though, is seeing desperate McCollum attacking Scott for his onetime investment in QuePasa.

Earlier, he attacked Scott because QuePasa, in the year 2010, allows gay users. Now, according to Naked Politics, surrogates for the campaign will protest outside QuePasa headquarters because Playboy Mexico is "porn."

There will be actual people outside the HQ of a Hispanic website that is not much different from MySpace, protesting the fact it has partnered with a magazine that shows lady boobs.

Anyway, the more and more Scott and McCollum fight about absurd things, the better and better Democrat Alex Sink is looking. Let's hope she'll accept our friend request.

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