County Commissioners Better Than Dolphins' Perfect Season

52-0 tee.jpg
52-0. That's how many times incumbent county commissioners have won at the polls since 1994. And it certainly looks like Jose "Pepe" Diaz, Javier Souto, or Dorrin Rolle will keep that winning streak alive by the time the polls close tomorrow.

Diaz, who raised $325,000 to crush an opponent who collected a paltry $600, is a lock. Souto had to put in some work, even breaking a few rules along the way, in his re-election bid against a formidable but still-overmatched opponent. And even though Rolle appears vulnerable, we're betting the self-described ghetto governor will still have his covered parking space reserved for county commissioners at county hall Wednesday.

So instead of moping about the county commission's perfect record, we've decided to commemorate its 52-0 record with a limited-edition T-shirt that is so limited we haven't even printed any! You can view the tee's graphic after the jump.

52-0 shirt layout copy.JPG

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