Hot Tip From a Reader: Gator Hunters Are Hung Like Guppies

Categories: Flotsam
We know your secret, boys.
Sometimes we get tips from readers that are completely off-kilter and bizarre. But then we get a true hum-dinger that awakens our inner Woodward and Bernstein and has us jumping into our I-Team van to investigate further.

Thank you, Miami Gardens resident Keith Smith. He mailed us a letter including a torn-out Miami Herald story on legalized no-gun gator hunting, and the scrawled missive that we've redacted for privacy, posted and interpreted:

Mr, Editor;

I can almost guarantee you if you stripped these gator hunters naked their penises were so small they'd look like old ladies.

I only hope they slip off the puny boats & let the gators take over the hunt!

If only, comrade.


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