Chad Ochocinco's Cereal Tells Kids to Call Phone Sex Line

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In and of itself, the fact that Liberty City native and Cincinnati Bengal's star Chad Ochocinco has a breakfast cereal called OchocincO's is ridiculous enough. Of course, this being Ochocinco, the ridiculousness doesn't end there. The box implores consumers to call a phone number where they can help a charity. Instead that phone number actually leads to a phone sex line. Oh, Ochocinco, you may have never played for the Dolphins or 'Canes, but you continue to be one of our most treasured Miami-linked footballers, you ridiculous person, you.

a href="">According to Deadspin, the OchocincO's box tells breakfast enthusiasts to call a hotline supposedly belonging to the Feed the Children charity.

Problem is when you call 1-800-HELP-FTC you may be able to talk about putting things in people's mouths, but it certainly has nothing to do with children.

"Wanna get off with the sluttiest girls your nasty imagination can dream up? Ummmm, we can be what you want to be baby," the voice says before mentioning that you can take her and her "ultra hot girlfriend" in a variety of positions including spread eagle and on their hands and knees.

Yep, the number is actually for a $2.99/a minute phone sex line.

The mistake was first brought to the media's attention when a nine-year-old Ohio girl called the number on speaker phone with her family.

The charity's actual number is 1-888-HELP-FTC.

Ochocinco says he's not responsible for the mistake, and trusts the marketer behind the cereal, PLB Sports, to correct the problems. Boxes with the phone sex number have been pulled from stores.

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