Florida's Magical Cat Village Is a Pussy Paradise

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Somewhere in the northern Florida town of Madison lies a magical place where cats roam free in an expansive kitty village. The cats, all 660 of them, can visit kitty Wal-Mart or attend cat church. There are scratching posts and climbing places a plenty. It's a paradise for pussies, and it's all the work of one man who's set out to give felines who would otherwise be homeless a permanent place to live.

Caboodle Ranch, as it's known is a 30-acre sanctuary surrounded by wilderness run by Craig Grant. According to Planet Green, Grant's fascination with cats begin when his son moved out and left his cat. Before that he didn't much care for kittens. When he found out the cat was pregnant his first instinct was to find them homes, but one thing lead to another and Grant ended up buying the tree farm in North Florida and turned it into a cat sanctuary.

Today, Caboodle Ranch has more cats than ICanHasCheezeBurger.com, all of them adopted, and none of them are leaving. Craig intends to care for the cats for the rest of their lives.

via CaboodleRanch.com
Despite some ecological concerns (excess waste, a negative impact on wild bird populations), Craig has the approval of the Tallahassee Humane Society and the Tallahassee/Madison County Animal Control. He's now soliciting donors and volunteers to help on his mission. Each cat costs about $550 a year to feed, shelter and care for. And yes, all the cats are spayed neutered and up to date on their shots.

via CaboodleRanch.com
[Planet Green: Man Builds Cat-Sized Village for Homeless Cats via The Awl]

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