How to Stage a Hunger Strike Like Aida Fernandez

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Photos by Swampdog
Aida Fernandez starving in South Dade.
Aida Fernandez is staging a hunger strike in a tent on her Hibiscus Farm in the protected wetlands of South Dade near Chekika Park in the Everglades. We found her event through a hand-painted neon sign posted on an electric pole and decided to check it out, cause hey, a lot of Miami girls starve themselves, but how many do it for a cause. Here, in pictures and words are the methods by which Aida's protest successfully promotes itself. Not into hunger striking? You can apply these concepts to your own concerts, club nights, art shows, or any other event you want strangers to show up to or know about.

Street promotion.
Street Promotion: Any event attempting to draw a crowd ought to use it. It is a simple, cheap, and effective method for disseminating information. Message should be short, clear, and attention grabbing.

Break it down.
Explanatory Signage: Though the folks embroiled in the issue may be intimately familiar with every aspect of the cause, an ignorant stranger will need help understanding the basics. Give them something they can digest and form an opinion about.

Stand up and fight.
State Your Demands: A hunger strike is no silly game, it's an extreme measure of activism intended to draw attention in an urgent manner. Make sure to clearly state what it is you hope to gain.

Angry much?
Provoke with Symbols: The upside down flag is an official sign of distress that works as a rally of protest against governmental acts and draws the eye with its strong symbolic presence.

Table up.
Tabling, Petition, and Web Presence: Having a member of your protest team available to answer questions, promote your petition, and direct the public to your clearly advertised website are integral to the staging of your event.

Get the picture?
Signage, Signage, and More Signage: One poster on one wall is not enough. Paint the ground so that a helicopter can see your message, plant statements at ground level, and declare yourself with words as strong as your will.

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