University of Miami Wants Logo Removed From The U Box Cover

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Do you have your DVD copy of Rakontur's University of Miami football documentary The U yet? You might want to keep it in good condition because it could become a collector's item soon. According to director Bill Corben's Twitter the school wants its distinctive U logo removed from the box cover.

Here's the current box cover, in which the logo is only visible on Michael Irvin's helmet.

"They're trying to scare the distributor & it'll probably work," elaborates Corben in a later Tweet.

The school refused to work with Rakontur on the film. When it was shown on campus, Corben felt the school didn't do enough to promote the event, claiming, "We really do feel like the 'Canes football players of the '80s: totally disrespected by the University of Miami."

The school has always tried to distance itself from the outlaw image of the '80s football program to an almost Orwellian degree. So this, take it from me, is just the latest poorly thought out move to try and threaten anyone who dares brings up the bygone days of Thug U.

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