Can You Walk With a Bottle of Grey Goose Lodged Between Your Thighs?

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via CBS4
Thanks to a brazen cadre of lady criminals, a couple of liquor stores in Pembroke Pines are with out pricey bottles of top shelf booze like Grey Goose. While an accomplice distracted the store clerk, a surveillance camera caught the women taking the liquor bottles off the shelf, hiking up the skirts, lodging the bottles between their thighs and walking off. We smell a brand new drinking game!

CBS4's news team featured the security footage last night.

via CBS4
​Here's one suspect in mid theft. The thieves hit up DPF Liquors and Sweeney's Liquors in the Pembroke Pines area.

This of course led CBS4 reporter Carey Codd to demonstrate the technique using a Coke bottle, in what is surely a career high point. We hope he did not accidentally a coke bottle.

We can't help to be inspired by these ladies' technique. Not for own theft, but for a drinking game. The rules are simple: Participants carry a bottle of booze between their thighs and race about 10 yards. The first to drop the bottle or last to cross the finishing line is the loser, and must take a shot. Preferably from the bottle of the other player while it's still between their legs.

[CBS4: Brazen Thieves Use Their Skirts To Steal Liquor]

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