Chad Ochocinco's Pregnant Pigeon "Gives Birth," Upset When Only Eggs Pop Out

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Ochocinco's pet pigeon: "Fuck exotic birds i got an exotic pigeon, she's pit bull blue with red eyes, that's exotic! !!"
Somewhere on the list of facts everyone should know comes "birds lay eggs." That's probably just after "the sky is blue" and "the earth is round" on the obvious scale. Somehow though, Miami-Dade Public Schools have failed immensely in imparting that knowledge onto one of its graduates. Of course, that graduate is Chad Ochocinco.

The alum of Miami Beach Senior High has been obsessively and excitedly Tweeting about his pet pregnant pigeon for weeks now.

At one point the bird disappeared, causing Ochocinco to tweet, "I don't know what's more strange me owning a pregnant pigeon or someone stealing a bird you can find on any corner, i want my damn bird back."

Thankfully, the bird came back, to which Ochocinco declared, "People my pigeon is on nest rest, thank you for your concerns, she's registered at Pet Smart because ill be having a pigeon shower."

Just an hour ago, the pigeon went into labor: "Holy shhh, my pregnant pigeon is giving birth, i will send twitt pics of the baby pigeons once they arrive, contractions r 1 minute apart"

Of course, as Ochocinco sadly found out, pigeons do not "give birth."

​So, apparently it is not Miami Beach Senior High's fault.

Thankfully, the story ended on a happy note: "I bought a pigeon incubator so she can fly and lose her baby pigeon fat instead of having to sit on these eggs, cool huh?"

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