Charlie Sheen's Porn Star "Victim" is a Miami Girl

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The combined out-of-control forces of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton really don't even come close to the sheer disaster that is Charlie Sheen's life. In just his latest episode, the Two and a Half Men star went on an alleged alcohol and cocaine fueled naked rampage in which he did $7,000 worth of damage to his suite at the ritzy Plaza Hotel in New York. He had "hired" a date and went off after he found his phone and wallet missing. She ended up calling security and was found naked locked in the room's closet. Turns out the woman is a Miami-based hardcore porn star.

The 22-year-old who goes under the nom de porn Capri Anderson is the woman at the center of the saga. According to The New York Daily News, Anderson has been in the porn business for three years and currently makes her home in Miami. She is the star of her own porn website, which is run by Miami-based adult company Medium Pimpin'.

Anderson regularly travels to New York for "business," and police describe her as a "semi-pro" -- not a dedicated prostitute, but someone who's not opposed to taking some cash or gifts for "favors" from famous men if the situation arises.

Anderson first met up with Sheen and his entourage Monday night, and ate at a fancy restaurant before returning to Sheen's room where the scuffle ensued.

Anderson has already hired an attorney, and plans to press charges against Sheen for terrorizing her.

Sheen's people say that the situation was overblown, and he merely had an allergic reaction to a medication.

Meanwhile, Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards was staying the same hotel in a different room with the couple's daughter, and TMZ has dug up a picture of Anderson and Richards hanging out.

This is all very weird, and yet the thing we can't quite get our head around is how Two and a Half Men, with a certified douche bag star and nothing resembling actual comedy, continues to be the highest rated sitcom in America. You're not going to find Tina Fey coked out of her mind in a trashed hotel room with a naked porn star unless it was part of a very clever joke, OK.

[NYDN: Capri Anderson, hardcore porn star, was mystery 'date' in naked Charlie Sheen hotel rampage]

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