ESPN to Broadcast Two Heat Games in 3D

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ESPN loves 3D, and despite the fact the technology is only available in a small number of American households they've launched the country's first 3D cable network this summer with ESPN 3D. They also seems to have a love hate relationship with two certain Miami sports teams, so it only makes sense that more than any other city so far Miami is getting a chance to see their teams play in all three dimensions with out going to the stadium.

ESPN 3D is not a continuous channel and only goes on-air for certain games. So far they've broadcast six college ootball games. Two of those have featured the Miami Hurricanes against Clemson and Ohio State. Oddly, despite being one of ESPN's most highly rated annual match-ups, they're not broadcasting the FSU game in 3D.

Today the channel announced that they'll also be airing two Miami Heat games in 3D, including the first ever NBA game transmitted in the medium.

That honor goes to when the Heat travel to New York City's Madison Square Gardens on December 17 to take on the Knicks.

3D cameras will also capture the action on March 16 when the Heat host the Oklahoma Thunder.

ESPN 3D is offered by Comcast, but to watch you need a 3D ready TV, glasses for everyone at your viewing party, and a 3D ready cable box.

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