Florida Couple Buys Real Human Skeleton at Garage Sale

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After all of this, when we're put in the ground and we slowly decompose eventually all that will be left is our bones. So how much are those worth? Apparently the going rate on the Florida garage sale market is 8 bucks. That's how much a Florida couple paid for what turned out to be a real skeleton.

Judith and Mitchell Fletcher of Tampa Bay spotted what they thought was a bargain at a recent garage sale: a realistic looking skeleton Halloween decoration for only $8. That's a good deal considering a new plastic version goes for about $40.

When they got their new seasonal home decor back to their place though they realized they may have gotten more than they bargained for. After a creepy suspicion that they may actually be in the possession of real human remains they contacted police.

Experts at the Hillsborough County's medical examiners office determined that they were in fact real bones. Thankfully, it appears the people who were selling the bones were not trying to make a few bucks off of grandpa or a hobo. The bones most likely came from a professionally prepared skeleton used in academic settings.

Because it's illegal for individuals to own human bones the Fletcher's will not get their purchase back, and officials are asking universities and college's if they've lost any skeletons lately. In case you're wondering, the actual value of human bones on the academic market: $3,000.

[MyFoxTampaBay: $8 fake skeleton turns out to be $3,000 real thing]

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