Heat Win in LeBron's Debut, Wade Hurt, Bosh Was There Too

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The dream of having LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the same court finally became a reality last night! For about three minutes. But still. D-Wade had to sit out most of the Heat's pre-season debut against the Detroit Pistons when he strained his right hamstring three and half minutes into the game. Wade is expected to miss up to two weeks, which is a bummer if you had planned on catching a game during pre-season because once it ends, regular season ticket prices will officially go up to $4,785 a head. True story.

With Wade out, the team struggled to find its rhythm and quickly fell into a large deficit. Oh wait. This is 2010. With Wade out, LeBron took over and proceeded to gash the Pistons with 12 points in the first 12 minutes and ending the night 9-for-18 from the field, leading Miami to the 105-89 win. James and Bosh combined for 38 points for the night. Now imagine if Wade had played.

It was kind of fitting (if not kinda of a downer) for Wade to sit out the game, because last night was all about seeing LeBron making his debut in a Heat uniform.

And LeBron came to play.

He did his baby powder into the air pre-game ritual thing, he slashed to the basket like a freight train, made three point shots, set up his teammates with no-look passes and even played some point guard. There was also a dunk by Bosh set up by LeBron that left his teammate howling in delight. In other words, LeBron James was the face-destroying, groin smashing badass we all witnessed playing for Cleveland for the last seven years. Except last night he was destroying faces and smashing groins in a Miami Heat uniform. And that's just all kinds of awesome.

What's even more insane, is that the Heat dominated without the main cog in the Three Kings Ball Destroying Monster Machine Rally Tank with D-Wade on the bench. There's something to be said when your team's best player is lost to an injury and has to be replaced by your team's best player. That's just trippy. In a good way.

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Yes, it's only pre-season. And yes, Wade is dealing with a nagging injury that only rest can heal. But holy crapnuts Batman, are these three guys going to wreck some asses come this season!

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