Jimmy Buffett to Headline Fundraiser for Alex Sink

Categories: Politicks
Florida celebs seem to have no problem getting involved with national politics. Gloria Estefan held a found raiser at her house with President Obama. Alonzo Mourning is set to do the same on Monday. Part time resident Pharrell Williams partied with Bill Clinton at LIV for another fundraiser. What you don't see them doing so much is getting involved with state politics. Well, Governor candidate Alex Sink has grabbed a celeb endorsement, and its, uh, Jimmy Buffett.

He's headlining a $5,000-per person fundraiser for Alex Sink and the Florida Democratic party. The event is scheduled for this Sunday at the home of trial lawyer John Morgan. He hasn't saturated the Miami-area with his ads, but in the rest of Florida he's known as the guy with horrible ads tauting his firms personal injury lawyers which always ends with his trademark "For the people."

Buffett's acoustic guitar is also plugged, so apparently he'll be playing an unplugged set for Florida's democratic elite. Sink herself will also be in attendance, presumably singing along to "Cheeseburger in Paradise."

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