Call 911, Go to Jail

Categories: Flotsam
Our point exactly.
All the morons in America get funneled south towards Florida, and then the dregs that are truly weighed down by excessive stupidity end up rattling around in the Southern tip of the state.

Yep, physics is the only way to explain why we have our own tag on dumb-things site Fark, why airport screeners assault each other over penis size-arguments, why in our Southernmost-- and therefore dumbest-- point women get in car crashes because they're bikini-waxing while driving.

It has to be why literally fifty percent of South Florida cannot understand that 9-1-1 is for emergencies-- and that needing to get to a Miami Lil Wayne concert from Broward County is not an emergency.

There's one thing we can't explain, though. Why are we filled with a strange possessive pride when we watch this video?

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