David Arquette Tweets His Way Through Sad Midlife Crisis Outburst in Miami

Following his separation from Courtney Cox, America's fourth or fifth favorite Friend turned cougar queen, David Arquette has developed a nasty habit of broadcasting his midlife crisis to the world. First he called into Howard Stern to discuss details of his sex life, and now he's cut out the middle man and taken to Twitter to directly publicize his post-break-up life. He was in Miami this weekend, and all Twitpic'd all the details.

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​Before heading to Miami he stopped by the shop of Celebrity tattoo artist Mark Mahoney. The guy has something of a career of inking up Friends stars exes. His work also adorns the body of Brad Pitt (and Angelina Jolie).

This happened at the airport, which if I saw it, would probably frighten me more than a TSA patdown.

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​Then he finally made it to the Fountainebleau to enjoy "a little gay dance part[y]"

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The cabana hostesses at Arkadia know just how to cater to their midlife crises clients.

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​Then on Sunday he hit up American Airlines Arena for WWE's Survivor Series, which he apparently enjoyed more than our reviewer.

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