Meg McLain Tells of Horrifying Body Scanner Incident at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

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The controversial full-body scanners have already caused numerous problems at South Florida airports. Now one passenger, Meg McLain, a young, female contributor to Libertarian-leaning radio show Free Talk Left, is talking about the aggressive scene the followed when she refused to go through the intrusive scanning at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. 

McLain claims she was the only person in her group who was selected to go through the body scanner. After she refused she was informed that an officer would have to pat her down, a procedure that apparently involves squeezing and twisting her breasts. McLain says she didn't refuse the procedure, but did have questions. Her questions set off a series events that lead to local police officers and TSA agents ripping up her ticket and escorting the crying young woman out of the airport. 

Listen to McLain tell her story below: 

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