Sports Illustrated Kids Cover Featuring the Heat is Pissing Off Cavaliers Fans

See this cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Kids? It features an illustration LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade dressed up as musketeers complete with puffy shirts and be-feathered hats. It's for the kids, so we won't rage too hard on it, but I think we can safely call it kind of stupid. Well, it's also irking some fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. See not only does the big three's get up kind of resemble the outfit of an actual cavalier, but they cover line is also a registered slogan of the team.

Here's the cover in full compared, for reference, to the prototypical Cavalier.

via Wiki Commons
Which, eh ...kind of similar? It's also weird the get up looks more wine and gold than black and red, but it's clearly a reference to Musketeers and not Cavaliers. Get your dead white people correct.

What really apparently has the Cavs upset is the use of the slogan "One for all."

Reports WFNY:
The Cavaliers, as told to WFNY, own the trademark registration on the phrase "All for One. One for All" in several different classes. We have seen it on the commercials, the t-shirts and even the cheesy temporary patch that replaced "We Are All Witnesses" during the 2010 playoffs.
Though, trademark attorneys tell the site that the Cavs wouldn't likely have much a case. SI Kids could say it is protected under parody, plus regardless of ownership "All for One," was already a pretty established phrase.

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