Two Florida Firemen Resign Over Tea-bagging (The Real Deal, Not the Marco Rubio Kind)

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photo by Tomasz Sienicki via Wikimedia Commons
In a story sure to outrage the Marco Rubio camp on the eve of the midterms, two Florida firefighters have resigned after an investigation into their tea-bagging while on duty. What kind of upside-down nation are we living in where two public servants can't express their pol ... oh wait. They were actually tea-bagging each other? And filming it? Ew.

The trouble started last month up in High Springs, a town in north-central Florida's Alachua County, when a firefighter awoke from a nap and flipped on his laptop.

Front and center on his desktop he found photos of two fellow firefighters tea-bagging his face (which, in case you're not up on your urban lingo, entails how shall we say, dangling the junk in front of an unwilling pal's mouth), according to the North Florida Herald.

The tea-bagee didn't take too well to the frathouse prank, apparently -- he called the cops to report his coworkers.

The two tea-baggers, 28-year-old Michael Steele and Kyle Lewis, 26, admitted to investigators that they had done the deed, snapped pics with a camera phone and then uploaded them to the victim's computer. (The North Florida Herald doesn't name the victim, due to the undying social stigma that comes with being tea-bagged).

They told investigators that they'd cooked up the scheme only because the victim had tea-bagged them first. When police told that story to the victim, he apparently grew so enraged that he dragged a cop through the police station and had to be tackled by several officers and threatened with a Taser.

No one ended up charged in the case, but Lewis and Steele recently resigned.

Which all goes to show you: No one wins in a tea-bagging fight. No one! (Well, except Marco Rubio. He will win today.)

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What a PUSSY. I have paid good money to get tea bagged by Firemen and now this asshole has to ruin it for the rest of us

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