Suicidal Gunman Shoots Two Women and a Toddler in North Miami

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Tavaris Fair
Stephanie Peterson, age 22, was babysitting a young child in the apartment of Kizzy Williams, 31, when her boyfriend showed up ready for an argument. Tavaris Fair, 25, fired several shots in the North Miami apartment before ending his own life after a long standoff with police.

The incident occurred a little before 5 p.m. yesterday in an apartment complex at NE 132nd Street and Sixth Avenue. Fair shot Peterson and Williams, while the 1-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet.

Police and firefighters arrived and were able to remove the baby and one of the women from the apartment. Both were quickly airlifted to Jackson Memorial. When rescue crews were attending to the other woman, Fair begin shooting again.

Reports NBCMiami:
The firefighters and officers quickly formed a circle around the shooting victim and turned over tables and chairs to block any further gunfire that might come their way, [Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Eric] Baum said.

"Our firefighters didn't know where the shooter was, they didn't know where the gunshots were coming from," Baum said. "They just knew they were being shot at.'' For about 30 minutes, the group remained in place as additional shots were fired, Baum said. Even in the chaos, Baum said, they continued to give aid, inserting intravenous tubes into the woman and supplying oxygen.
After rescue crews safely removed the third victim, the SWAT team remained outside the apartment in a standoff with Fair. When they finally re-entered the apartment, they found him dead of self-inflicted gunshots.

[NBCMiami: Gunman Kills Self After Shooting Toddler, 2 Women]
[CBS4: Long Stand Off In North Miami Ends, 1 Dead, 3 Hurt]

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i am the mother of tavaris  fair...all we have to say is ..tell her way she call him over there..if she did not fuck with him...  i will have my child here with us now.....can some one tell her to please tell the story please let my chid rest in peace..fuck everyone who did not like him..that minds..i thank god for giving me 25 years of his life to me ..and left me with a handsome grandson..that act like him.....son people think they know(TAVARIS FAIR) but i am here to tell u...(fuck u) fuck u..........

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