Mugshots Friday: Grandpa Rasta, Zuckerberg Junior, and a Presidential Mustache

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This week, we a) teach you how to glare at the camera properly, b) bring back the leather jacket and ponytail, and c) make you Google Chester A. Arthur and then feel embarassed about it. God Bless this county and it's Annie Leibovitz-caliber police photographers.

Arrested: 12/09
Charged with: Possession of marijuana
There are a couple schools of thought on whether white guys should wear dreads. This dude dropped out of both those schools in 1962 to start his own bicycle shop and sell pounds of hash out the back.

Arrested: 12/12
Charged with: Battery, burglary, criminal mischief
What a perfect glare: Jaw clenched, chin down, hate-filled eyes up. This is what booking photographers call "making sweet love to the camera."

Arrested: 12/12
Charged with: Grand theft
Never mind, forget that amateur. This lady just impregnated the camera and then chomped its head off.

Arrested: 12/10
Charged with: Resisting an officer
Jeez, talk about trying too hard. Lazaro here looks so greased-up and slippery that if you try to grab hold of him, he'll squirt out of your hands and into another dimension where generic lounge music is always playing, he's doing contract hits from his motorcycle for Tony Soprano, and he looks totally cool.

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