Mugshots Friday: Santa Got Booked In Miami

Categories: Crime, Flotsam
Have you spent the last week wondering why that plate of cookies went untouched and your stocking was bereft of swag? No, it's not because Santa found out about your massive Medicare fraud; Ol' Saint Nick's just got his own problems with Johnny Law. For Mugshot Friday's very special holiday week, we actually found five Santas booked in the 305 on Christmas. Let's just hope Rudolph can pawn the sled and get the Jolly ol' Liquor Violator out in time for NYE.

Arrested: 12/22/10
Charged with: Disorderly conduct, liquor violation, assault
Santa took some bad shrooms, stole a fishing boat in Coconut Grove, and got caught swigging tequila and mumbling Jimmy Buffet lyrics to feral cats.

Arrested: 12/23/10
Charged with: Liquor violation
When Nick learned that Tim Allen was getting another fucking Santa Clause franchise, Four Loko was the only solution.

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